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Why I'm going to stop shopping so frivolously

This blog post was spurred on by Stacey Dooley's documentary on BBC (Fashion's Dirty Secrets). It highlights the environmental and health issues caused by catastrophic decisions some of fashion's key players are making in particular- the fast fashion industry. It's worth a watch as it was really heartbreaking but informative, it's made me re-think how I want to shop and how much I need to consume.

As a fashion business student, and a blogger I feel it's important to take responsibility for my purchasing. I love to shop, and this doesn't mean I'm going to completely holt my spending- I just want to be a little more conscious and thoughtful when I buy things.

This is in no means a blog post to change how anyone else spends/purchases- this is personal to my own goals. The environment and fashion are both important to me, however it's up to us as individuals to choose how we shop, what we can afford and our own opinions.

Things I try to do when purchas…

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