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My Mental Health Journey

*Could be triggering/mentions of eating/body image/alludes to abuse very vague and 100% unedited.

I wasn't really sure how to start this post, I think it's going to be a completely unedited version as it's something that doesn't even make sense in my head as it is. I think there has to be slight editing though, as mental health problems don't normally have one single direction to one person or event. However, it's important to be honest about your opinions, without offending if people choose to read your posts. This is just going to be a little eye opener into some of the thoughts/feelings/events that may have contributed towards my problematic eating- plus I'll mention my therapy journey so far.

What made me go to counselling? I'd like to say I had a sort of "revelation", it's not quite those terms but I did have a "this has got to stop, or get fu*king better moment". It was physical too, I'd hit rock bottom and was ridicul…

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