A trip to the German Market

Yesterday was a day filled with lots of indulgence-eating and drinking at Birmingham's German market. The atmosphere was filled with busy shoppers, families on the Merry Go round and couples huddled in stalls sipping wine/guzzling beer. 

On arrival, food seemed to be the immediate thought. A hot-dog with crispy onions was needed, alongside an adorable mug of amaretto hot chocolate, plus raspberry wine. Twinkling Christmas lights draped around the city, illuminating the site.
Something that could not be missed was the towering Christmas tree surrounded by positive selfie takers and excitable Christmas spirits.

Amidst jewellery stalls, little trinkets and candles... the smell of sweet donuts and piping hot German food tempted all passers by to tuck into the delicacies. Me and my best friend managed to find a crepe stall, choosing sugar and cinnamon and nutella and banana crepes. I also picked up a delightful box of twelve chocolate coated marshmallows to surprise my boyfriend. 

How cute are these snowmen?

Finally, as if we couldn't fit any more food and drink in... We decided to browse the shops at Grand Central and enjoy a good smoothie at Joe and the Juice before heading home.

Prince of Green smoothie at Joe and the Juice.


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