Rose Jam review

I always find buying something from Lush a real treat. I'm normally too busy to unwind and when I do I always like to relax and soak in a long bath. At only £3.95, the Rose Jam bubble bar really impressed me. I'm also too easily won over by the fact it's practically Christmas and even though this is an all year round product, it's sparkly and comes in a little Lush penguin bag.

It contains a balance of everything and isn't too overpowering, something I find with some bath bombs is that they can be too fussy and a real mess to clean up. Rose Jam however really makes you feel awake and calm- an ideal way to inflate your mood in the morning. Plus, this bath bomb isn't fussy at all and adds a real shine to your water with nothing left at the end of the bath.

This giant sparkly macaron shaped bar fills your bathroom with aromas of freshness, a subtle floral hint and a sweet finish. The bubble bar creates smooth and small bubbles, a pretty pink bath to dip in and is great for a full morning pamper to revitalise you.

My skin was left silky smooth due to the fair trade cocoa butter and shea butter. Luxurious natural oils are packed into this product and you can find the full ingredients list here: Rose Jam.

I enjoy a more natural product for my skin and agree with Lush's ideals of being environmentally friendly.


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