A new project & getting involved!

Hey, this is a bit of a different post and a link to something new and I exciting that has been set up!

Novel Bites has been created as a food blog by Me and Dan (my boyfriend). We want it to be a platform for people to contribute to, get credit for and put their social media links on the blog. Everyone that contributes will be added to the blog with a photo, a little bit about them and their social media links.

You can send your contributions and find out more to: novelbites@hotmail.com

We want to see...

Restaurant reviews- The quirkier the better. Credible food vans, stalls, individual restaurants, affordable restaurants, local cafes e.t.c and we want people from all over the place and outside of the UK too.

If restaurant reviews isn't for you, then...

Interviews with anyone in the food and drink industry
Classes/ courses

You name it! Just email us with submissions.

We have our first post up here: Spaghetti House. If you go to the bottom of the page it only takes 30 seconds to sign up and follow us it would be greatly appreciated!

You can also find us on:
Instagram: @novelbites
Facebook- FB

We'd love for you to get in touch and get involved please!



  1. This is ana amazing idea and as a couple Foodie and lifestyle bloggers too, we'd love to get involved. Will follow your social medias now! Can't wait!

    Jessica & James | foodandbaker.co.uk

    1. Thank you very much, get in touch at novelbites@hotmail.com! Great to hear from you xx


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