Charlotte Tilbury- Magic cream review

You should always be kind to your skin and keep it well moisturised (when you remember). It's all about finding the right product that compliments your skin and doesn't irritate. I instantly fell in love with Charlotte Tilbury's Magic cream and my skin took to the product perfectly. I had never had such soft and glowy skin until I started using this wonderful cream.

My skin has been left feeling plump, plus rejuvenated- giving it the boost it needed. I'm a firm believer in prevention, using anti-ageing, natural and non harmful products to the skin when young.

Another pro of this product is that you really do need just a pea sized amount to cover your face, my skin felt tighter and softer after just a couple of uses! It also has sp f15 in which is a good as a resistant to shield the skin from sun damage.

Overall, it's a good pick me up and wakes my skin up in the morning. I love it used before a thin primer and as the base for a flawless makeup look.

Visit Charlotte Tilbury for more details on the ingredients and benefits for your skin. This product costs £70 but for the little amount you need and for the results it really is worth it. Make sure to add the Magic cream to your beauty regime. I was lucky enough to have this included in the beautiful advent calendar

This would make for the perfect luxury gift this Christmas for all the beauty lovers out there. It's always mentioned as a catwalk favourite too. Even more tempting as a purchase to get that model glow!


  1. I want to try Charlotte Tilbury's skincare products just cause of the packaging lol. Glad to hear this one worked out really nicely for your skin :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  2. They're really worth it! Thank you so much:) x


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