Fixated on the numbers

I think it's ingrained in us, and openly so- to keep a watch on the numbers. How many page views do you have? How many followers do you have? How many posts have you put up this week? How many events have you been to, products reviewed?

I've had many blogs from a very young age. With photos that are blurry, yellow toned and messy but passion filled. Blogging initially used to be about throwing about your enthusiasm, specifying what you like and your interests. You'd be excited if five people followed you and nervous if people you knew read it. Even though it was on the internet, it was that small it felt like an online diary.

There's so much excitement in the blogging world now that it's extraordinary and full of opportunity. In relation to high profile events the numbers 9/10 do matter, what they're putting in by offering you amazing contributions needs to be "seen" in order for mutual gain. However, put yourself out there on PR sites, include your email, do wish-lists/show interest in brands you love. Do not review a brand unless you're genuinely bothered (my opinion). I think it shows when everyone is reviewing the same brand, and some are interested- others not so much.

However, in some cases-ignore the numbers. I've worked with some absolutely amazing and high quality brands and they have been a joy to work with/write about. I'm nowhere near a huge blogger.

Your stats will get stagnant, you may lose followers or they may not increase for a while. Don't let this dishearten you, do try and achieve goals but your content has to feel "real". Not saturated/copied or half hearted. It may feel frustrating if you put in tons of effort, but make sure to stay well connected and remember to enjoy your blog for you as a hobby. Don't assume it as a career if it's started out as a personal blog.

You'll pick up followers alike you and it's better to be part of a small and supportive community than ignore that and keep pushing for more when this all takes time. You have to look out for people within the community, I always follow small blogs and tweet out to people. I've personally seen amazing blogs with around 35 followers and I'm screaming on Twitter that they deserve thousands more!

Keep working hard, keep regular and ultimately write for you. What your audience wants is important but you have to love what you're writing. It's up to you if you want to keep to one subject, but personally for my individual blog I ramble about whatever the hell I like haha. That may be from food to beauty, but I do enjoy a good "sit down" post to feel like I'm having a chat to you all.


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  1. It's nice to be reminded that it isn't all about the number game, or at least it shouldn't be! I don't have a lot of followers but I'm still amazed that I have those that I have. Lately I've been following more smaller blogs rather than the famous bloggers and I find myself enjoying the posts so much more.


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