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After deciding not to go down the uni route, and trying to find my feet in the world of reviews, marketing and journalism esque activities- I found it really scary. This post is going to be a little bit different, completely honest and hopefully help you feel a little more relaxed in your thoughts. Journalism, photography and the creative world has always been my passion and runs thoroughly in my blood. With many of my family members going to art college, being journalists or delving into their own novels and technical books. I knew this was my place to call home. I've found it hard coming to terms that these things take time and I've got to really graft, be original and enjoy the community I've fallen into. I've talked to some amazing companies and lovely bloggers who have filled me with excitement in regards to this sector.  One piece of advice is it's OK to take risks and don't be disheartened if things don't always work out. I felt like I needed to go to uni for security, but I followed my instinct and took a different route. Listen to others around you but choose what you want ultimately. Not every person in the industry is going to be nice, helpful or encouraging about your passion, but when you get involved with the right company or person it is so rewarding.

Things I'm learning.

I will get stuck in a rut, and how to get out of it...

The little image above is of a lovely trip to an independent place in my home town. It's exquisite and does the most delicious freshly baked treats. This really helped going to visit a good friend when I was feeling down. Have a catch up with a close friend, a cuddle with your amazing boyfriend or a lush bath. No matter what the small or inexpensive thing is, just relish in the fact that someone is always there to support you or enjoy special time with you. Have some "me time" or find something fun to do with someone important to you. There have been times with small amounts of work or too much time on my own, but cherish the teeny things. They really count.

The community whereby these posts circle a little...

I've ended up talking to such supportive and lovely people within the community. I've had people pop in my dm's with a kind message, comments on posts/tweet e.t.c or blogger chats. My next thing to do is get involved with a blog event, which i recommend you all do. It's meant to be a great way to connect with like-minded people and show off your exciting posts! I've learnt that diversity within people's posts is one of the most fun things, especially baking! Keep positive when it comes to your blog. There will be times where numbers drop, but numbers don't matter as long as your post has captivated someone or helped them. So get involved and make it fun, don't stress about where your blog will end up or feel the need to end up "big".



  1. Hey Amy, I'm so happy you decided to write this post! I really agree with enjoying the little things in life they are so important! We all worry so much about what others may think of our decisions but what matters most is what is best for us.

    1. Hey, yes that's very true! I'm definitely not saying don't go to uni, I mean do what's best for you:) I'm glad you like the post!


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