Things I ask when blogging...

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Stay niche or varied?

One of the hardest questions when blogging is to realise what you want to achieve from it. Honestly, I've blogged for years... I've had multiple blogs, with awfully taken images and ramblings.
Sometimes It's just nice to release all my thoughts, almost as if I'm writing it to myself on paper. I really respect people who do want to really "push" their blog as such. However, I think you should blog for you and acquire an audience that is genuinely interested in what you have to put. I do feel that many bloggers (not everyone), but even myself try and follow the norm. That's when images and photos blur into one, and that could be anyone's posts. My favourite posts to write about have always been lifestyle, as I talk way too much. I find them engaging, a talking point and a way to get to know the blogger behind all the products and prosecco.

Quick note: Make sure your blog is personal to you and fun. I'm definitely not an expert and this is just how I like to find new blogs. My little blog and me are still learning so very much!

How much time do I dedicate?

It's very often I get writers' block, I'm too busy (i.e. life just gets in the way), I don't take numerous and the best photos as I want to dedicate my time when I'm with people or I fall out of love a little bit and loose confidence in my posts. I think it would be great to post at least weekly, although the content has to be there. I don't think there's any point writing a post or starting it when you're not in the mood.

My slip-ups: Not engaging in blogger chats, keeping an eye on lovely things to get involved with and commenting on other posts. It's a two-way street blogging, there are so many times I've read posts and not left a comment when I should have! I'd definitely like to dedicate more time to reading posts, as there's too much convenience in turning the telly on then winding down with a good read.

Should I up my techy skills?

I love to write, and I guess I'm a bit old fashioned in the respect of tech.

I use an I-phone for my photos. I'd love to change this and use a fabulous camera. However, this is a very good starting point for a blog and Instagram. I'd love to get stuck into a bit more coding, design and editing. I've always wondered if Youtube is a good pairing, but I'm even scared to record my voice on an Instagram story. I also need to edit my tabs on the blog to make them more personal!

Let me know what you think about blogging, what you'd like to learn/change and any other random comments.


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