Are we really cruelty free?

After recent investigation into many brands that have opted to go for cruelty over cruelty free, I've decided It's time for a big clear out. In the image above, unfortunately not all products are cruelty free. Naivety, lack of research and being gifted has made my collection of hair care, beauty and even dental products sadly being tested on animals.

Many of us are guilty of shunning brands that aren't cruelty free, but then purchasing products that follow the same procedures. I'm not the most educated when it comes to finding the most reliable sources of what brands definitely do test and ones that don't.

I looked on Cruelty free kitty and was horrified by the extensive list of brands that test on animals. My Instagram feed, alongside many others are filled with so many beautiful pieces of packaging and we just don't realise what happens to achieve that finished product.

Some of my favourite luxury brands can be found on this list  that test (not that I'm claiming this website is gospel)... such as: Benefit, Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Dior, Estee' Lauder, L'occitane and Jo Malone.

This is by no means, and no means at all a preaching post and everyone is entitled to choose which products they want to spend money on. I'd be very hypocritical writing this post unbalanced, when I look at my makeup collection and dream of owning a Mulberry bag.

It makes me wonder, why some brands test on animals when brands such as Too Faced, The Body Shop and Charlotte Tilbury don't test for their products. How far do brands not test when it says at certain stages they don't, do they at others?

Overall, it's fine to follow your values but it's hard to be consistent when a selection of people (including me) still dazzle over packaging and scents. Thereby, forgetting to check how these brands practice. Animal cruelty (from research) and as a general basic, is horrific. I don't see why it's needed when some of the best, pigmented and kind products haven't been near an animal. This post is just because I find the ways products are tested so heartbreaking and I'd just like to make a change for the better when buying or asking for things from now on.

By no means are these products above definitely tested/not tested as I don't know clear facts but I am just going from lists that are out there for people to read. If anyone has any information I'd love to hear it!


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