Beauty in a bottle

Having quite complicated skin, I'm always on the look out for beauty treatments to enhance, repair and improve it. 
Bio-essence is such a beautiful brand and the packaging is such a treat to look at. With the focus on energising and balancing the skin through the applied bio-energy fluid, I was enticed by ingredients I had not tested before. The focus is on 24 carat gold and its powerful antioxidant properties. The 24 carat gold acts as a skin renewer and balances the skin's moisture. I found this a real benefit for my skin, as it regularly fluctuates from dry to oily. 

I've already noticed my skin feels tighter and the products prep the skin wonderfully- ready for a full face of makeup on top. 
The day cleanser results in supple skin, plus is highly invigorating. It's great to use in the morning for a natural glow. The cleanser can be used liberally and doesn't seep into the skin. An important factor is that it doesn't leave any unwanted "grease" that some products do. It's the perfect combination of a silky texture that gets lighter and smoother as you blend the product in. Rinse after application.

Nothing sounds more lustrous and lavish than Gold-water. After using just a sweep of this on my face each morning and evening, my skin has never felt softer and clearer. My pores feel less visible, and the products go hand in hand to prevent future ageing signs. The packaging is also a dream with the sparkly flakes inside!

You can find the affordable products on Superdrug & read the full ingredients list too.


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