Dinner at Miller & Carter

Miller and Carter, a new steakhouse perfectly situated in Worcester, held lots of content diners. It was a chance to enjoy an exclusive trial run for family and friends. The location is in a prime new renovation, surrounded by up and coming eateries and bars.

The interior was exquisite with deep reds, intimate lighting and a formal but friendly ambience. The menu was extensive, home to numerous choices of steak sides and sauces. This varied from blue cheese to peppercorn. You have to try the half lobster and the lobster macaroni and cheese as a side- it's exceptionally tasty. The mac and cheese just melted in the mouth, with plenty of lobster. The lobster also didn't take over the dish and the flavours were in proportion. The menu isn't restricted for vegetarians too and has some great options, including mushroom and black truffle tagliatelle.

To start, between four diners, we shared the Meditteranean Mezze with extra olives.  The highlight of this dish was the beefy olives and spinach and feta bourekas. The bourekas were crispy and not too dense, packed with buttery spinach and smooth feta. This was more than enough to graze on before the main course and the flavours complimented perfectly. Find more on the starters and sharers "here".

The staff were also extremely attentive and the service was particularly prompt.

As for the main course, I would highly recommend the premium cooked fillet.

The accompaniments comprised of oozing parsley butter, seasoned fries, onion loaf and a glazed tomato. You also get a choice of a lettuce wedge with toppings, I chose bacon which was smoky and packed with flavour. I couldn't fault any of the seasonings- especially the fries. The steak was so wonderful, you wouldn't necessarily need the sauce. There were little tweakings I would make just to the heat of the steak and slight cooking differences to what I had ordered. All the beef is chosen under scrutiny from sustainable British and Irish farms and is matured for at least thirty days. Recommended ways of how the steak should be cooked are placed on the menu and you can have everything cooked to your preference.

If you visit Miller and Carter, you have to try Miller's chocolate orange for pudding.

The chocolate ganache dome exudes a rich chocolate flow once your spoon prizes the middle open. An evocative pudding and one that can be shared. For a chocolate fiend, I'm very precious over a pudding I will rarely have in the restaurant. However, there's so much depth to this dish and so much to test, I'll class this an exception. The orange toffee centre is light and pours onto the plate effortlessly. The pairings of texture are flawless, with an almond and hazelnut nougatine, plus a peanut butter crumb. This added a subtle flavour and the perfect "bite" to the dish- balancing out the density of the main event.

The best bit about this dish for me was the orange sorbet. Sweet and fruity, this pudding evaporated off the tongue instantly and would be a perfect mini nibble after a heavy meal.

A romantic setting with a great vibe. The dress code is smart/casual to throwing your new dress and heels on. Perfect to look over at the cathedral and sip a few martinis on the terrace. I'll definitely be returning very soon when Miller and Carter officially opens. (Opening on the 14th July 2017). Book your table and find more out "here".

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