Does money "buy" a blog?

I wasn't sure whether to post this, as it's a little bit controversial and I'm on the fence. Why is it when we grow our stats, followers, likes that we "achieve more" in the sense of larger luxury companies and more "expensive" opportunities...

I understand that as a brand, the larger your audience and visibility, the better the relationship and outcome for both parties. However, if a smaller blogger is absolutely spectacular for the service/product and hits the nail on the head with their post then isn't that more important? Following onto this, that does not mean in any way that larger companies don't work with smaller bloggers. It's just more competitive and you have to be very enthusiastic about that brand and know your stuff (a given)!

Does having a better camera/editing software help you grow?
Does money investment to add ons and templates e.t.c help you grow?
Does a crystal clear picture of a Gucci bag over something simple help you grow?

For me, I'm quite open to the amount of blog post topics I read. One minute I'll be reading a day in the life of a family, to a new nail trend. It's about the person behind the post for me and standing out through humour or honesty that grips my attention. I follow way more small blogs, over larger well known influencers. Yet the blogs that overwhelm me with excitement, make me emotional or make me laugh are the ones with very little "hype".  To counteract though, it's about your creativity... You can get the best pictures in your local area, of used products and just being out and about. Plus lots of editing apps are entirely free to hand on your i-phone. I do think we're all guilty of following a norm of white backgrounds, pinks and flat-lays to fawn over. Do we sometimes post what we think others would like to see, rather than what's personal to us? Does that improve our visibility?

Overall, I believe with stats comes more opportunities (sometimes). On the other hand, as a small blogger I've had such fun and so much brand engagement over such a short amount of time. I like investing in my blog, and the majority of my blog is my own purchases. It's hard to be decisive on the matter, as bloggers who have worked extremely hard deserve the luxuries they're getting, but most bloggers started with a notebook and an i-phone and with growth comes the trips to exotic islands and some would argue more growth online through a "luxury" existence.


  1. I don't see a problem with spending money on improving your blog, as it's a hobby and a lot of hobbies require spending money! Interesting read x

    Alybell | UK Personal Style and Beauty Blog

    1. Not at all! It's nice to buy a few things to shout about, or review lovely places you've been! Thank you x

    2. This is such a good post. The problem with blogging is we see what others are achieving and we want to aim higher, we want a piece of their action! it's so competitiive.
      Like you say photo editing is free with the apps. That's all I use as photoshop is too expensive. I've stopped posting endless flat lays now as everyone is doing the same thing. Nothing original there, saves buying the props too! Brands look for engagement mostly even if your follower count in lower!
      Thanks for sharing lovely!

    3. Thank you so much for your comment. It's great to strive higher, but exactly it's good to find your own style. I love your photography and posts Hun x

  2. I completely agree, most of the blogs on my daily reading list are smaller known less than 1k followers and I feel just have more of a personality and feel than 'polished' editorial pieces on crazy popular blogs

    1. Exactly! It's good to keep a good writing style but I'm all about your personality shining through! Some feel too scripted!


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