Imogen Wood- The joy of art

Bella the Staffy in inks and watercolours A1

Tonal sketch in ink pens
Imogen Wood, a freelance artist and Marketing Manager discovered her artistic talent at just the age of fourteen. The stem for her artistic flair began after a tonal study of a pinecone. Mindful nature and scenic imagery seem to be very much at the forefront of her photography and implemented into her artwork.

Imogen went on to study art and furthered her knowledge through a graphic design degree at Sheffield Hallam University. Although finding the city incredibly creative and inspiring, Imogen felt she hadn't found her "own style". Holding on to a treasured and strong portfolio, Imogen decided to enter employment as a Marketing and business manager in Hampshire. After deliberating between feelings of "lingering connotations" and how art made Imogen feel it was still hard for her to truly "find herself".

From difficult relationships, unpleasant events and journeying through mental health issues, Imogen made some concrete and brave decisions. Imogen moved on from her partner and her job and is really thriving forward. Although there are times of returning to these thoughts, Imogen has followed her goals.

Many months of depression and anxiety lingered.
Imogen decided to move to Southampton with her now current boyfriend. The "kindest person she has ever met". They then had the joy of owning a beautiful Shih Tzu puppy called Zizou. Imogen had never had a dog, and alike becoming an artist didn't think she would. Zizou has been described as a little saviour. The little one then went on to inspire Imogen through the beautiful black and white fluff, furthering her sketching focus.

Tonal Zizou in inks

Following encouragement from a dear creative friend, Imogen set up an Instagram account to showcase her work. Pet portraits were made for friends and family and the positive feedback came flooding in. Imogen described it as "feeling amazing" and progressed into a freelance business from scratch.

Imogen is extremely passionate about telling people about her story, and I've loved getting the chance to find out what spurred on her creative talent. It's evidently rewarding from the enjoyment Imogen feels having described it as creating something unique for someone else a "so uplifting£ and loves "handing someone a piece of work dedicated to their closest companion."

Imogen hopes to keep growing her portfolio, and the business has given her motivation. Imogen describes "art, doggies and mindfulness" as a thank you to being her own boss and doing something she loves. Self-care and taking chances are the way forward. Imogen is exceptionally grateful and believes even if you don't do what you "think you should do" sacrifice it.


Imogen describes her favourite mediums as chalks, charcoals and inks. The three are often combined to vary the textures and depths. Imogen loves to "bring out hidden colours". Her most recent commission was a black Staffy cross. She brought out vivid colours through inks and watercolours.

Imogen enjoys tonal illustrations- ideal for her adored pet. Experimenting with different textures and tones prior to the final piece is one of Imogen's favourite bits.

Sketch-book textures and patterns

Ted the Westie in chalks and charcoals on brown paper

Lulu the staffy in inks and watercolours A1

For the future...

Imogen wants to continue to create as many bespoke dog illustrations as possible, whatever the challenge. To finish, Imogen's values include: always living mindfully, taking photos everywhere, appreciating nature and greenery within the home for a peaceful atmosphere.

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