A chatty Q&A

Sometimes the best posts can be as simple as a chatty get to know me. I feel like we all like to show the best bits, our photography and play around with flat-lays. However, it's nice once in a while to get to know the blogger behind the edit. Here's a few questions answered that have been sent in through an array of social media. 


What inspired you to start blogging? As cliche' as it is... It started off as a hobby and a personal diary I forgot people would read. In fact I didn't think they would read it. I also used to watch Zoe Sugg when I was younger, so I liked the layout and fun that came with blogging. 


What is your go to make-up brand? This is so hard to choose... I use tons of Bobbi Brown, Benefit and Clarins. The list is endless.


If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be? New York has been a dream of mine since i was a tot. There's many places like the Caribbean, but if I could just spend a few days roaming New York I'd be happy.


What's your favourite TV show? It has to be Great British Bake-off, that programme makes me so cosy and encourages me to bake more. I'm loving Louis Theroux at the moment, The only way is Essex (don't judge me) and Eat well for less. 


What bloggers or You-tubers are you obsessing over right now? Food and baker for all the food and travel inspiration. Graceful blog for the tone of her posts and flawless photos.


What's your dream collaboration or company you'd most like to work with? Jo Malone, if I had to choose one. This is the brand I can't beat.


What job do you do? I work at Stripes. A place that offers wonderful fashion, an element of personal styling and beauty treatments. I love my job and work in the sales and styling section. You get to know so many lovely customers and their stories.


What is your Christmas routine? I spend half of it at my parents, half of it at my boyfriend's and boxing day onward at my Dad's house. We swap Christmas eve at mine or Dan's each year, and have dinner at the others'. I like to slob in my pjs for as long as I can, but there's always lots of family to see. I'm very lucky to have a big family. I always open my stocking early morning, preferably on Mum's bed. Yes at age 21... I like to build a gingerbread house, go ice-skating and visit all the markets. I'm Christmas mad. This year we're off to Cologne before Christmas, so stay tuned for a post on that!


Favourite high street brand and designer? It's River Island at the moment for high street, as their Winter collection is amazing. Dior or Mulberry for designer... Their collections have always been faultless. If I could own each Season's catwalk for Dior that would be wondeful, and every bag at Mulberry. 


What's your favourite memory? Sitting on Brixham pebble beach, surrounded by people having picnics and lit fires. It was so peaceful in the evening as it was getting dark. This was my first holiday with Dan and his family. 

Thank you for reading and for your questions.

Amy x 


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