A Couple's Guide To Money, University And Change

I think one of the most exciting things about relationships is changing, but changing in harmony. There is nothing more exciting than someone with ambition and drive, therefore things change on a regular basis. I am not going to pretend I am an expert on relationships, every relationship is different.. but what I do know is that I am happy and grateful. Even in the cosiest of relationships, you are two people- individually creating your own path, but taking care of each other's opinions and happiness. This is my "Couple's guide" covering everything from money, studying/university, social media and more.


This all stems from communication. Make sure you are chatting to each other about what you hope to achieve and where you want to go. I originally looked at change as quite a scary prospect, but I love it now. I get more excited about what my partner's plans are, as he is incredibly talented and looks for opportunity in everything. He is hoping to go to university this coming September, as a bold and intriguing career change is on the cards. So we have both been staring at Ucas working out what is to be. For me, everything has been done a little backwards to what I first anticipated and I am preparing for this! At twenty one, I was envisaging we would both be finishing our studying and start looking for a place of our own-having found our career. For a long time now, I have wanted to do everything quite young and traditionally, but I know everything will be shifted forward (still at a good age though). Be prepared for the unexpected, as me and my partner could all of a sudden be long distance and creating a new way of looking at things. We are so glued at the hip, so re-search and communication into the future is key. 

Avoid complacency 

This is subjective to each couple. This does not mean spending a ton either. I think social media is a big culprit, influencing people to live a "screen worthy lifestyle". My Instagram of course shows the best bits, but I don't feel the pressure to make my life Instagram worthy. It is a great way to look back on your memories though, so take photos together! Step out of your comfort zone and don't turn your nose up at any ideas you have, not many ideas are stupid. I love baking with Dan, going for long walks with my dog or writing our food blog "Novel Bites" together. It is about varying things up and making time for each-other. Everyone has time, I don't care what people say. A twenty minute walk when you are feeling tired would not go a miss, but at the same time why not have a movie night together? Everyone gets tired, but you don't regret it once you're out of that lull and out having fun. On the contrary to budget friendly dates, that special date night where you get the butterflies again and throw on your best dress is perfect for avoiding complacency. We also like to get each other little gifts, cards or even just bring each other a hot drink to bed.

Compromise is not a bad word

Lots of people think compromise has negative connotations, this is not the case. Yes, you have to incorporate each other's hobbies and interests into your own but you learn so many things you like. I, never in a million years would go fishing and it's one of the best things I've done thanks to my partner. Plus my hobby "Amy's Ways" has allowed us to go to fun events together. See my "Caribou launch post" for a load of festive fun. It does not have to be about regular compromise, why not take it in turn to choose one thing for you and one thing for them. Enjoy the little things together, they are the best memories. Some of my favourite times have been baking and the cakes have turned out inedible. 

Spend savvy

Budgeting is key if you like to do a lot together. I have never been one of those girls that expects everything and gives nothing in return. Switch it up a bit and treat each-other. Perhaps keep a little pot where you can empty your change and use that for budget date days. Going for drives can be fun, or grab a M&S dine for two at £10 deal. This is a great way to bring the restaurant indoors and light some candles too. Have a look at how much you have done the past couple of weeks, if you have gone a little overboard on spending-just reign it in a little. Do not feel guilty if you have had a bit too much fun, just budget wisely for the next few weeks. Especially as Christmas is just weeks away, change up where you're shopping together and take a trip to a local market for a date day. 

Thank you for reading.

What has been your favourite date, or biggest struggle in your relationship?

Amy x


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