7 Popular Blog Post Ideas For Writer's Block

Every one of us bloggers will have the moment of creative energy, a spur of too many ideas... or complete writer's block staring blankly at the screen. You need plenty of commitment, a notepad and perseverance to get out of the blogging rut sometimes. This list is a good all-rounder, especially for the lifestyle bloggers out there. You can use this list all year round and tailor it to your own traffic/audience.

One- Talk about what you have been loving

As bloggers, we are nosey... So why not put together a mini-review of films, products or food you have been loving. It's great for creating our own shopping list or finding products we wouldn't always stumble upon. It is also a personal way to get to know the blogger behind the content.

Two- Contact your favourite bloggers or brands for an interview.

Interviews are always fascinating and help to vary up the content on your blog. It is the ideal way to mutually benefit yourself, the brand/bloggers' recognition and for your readers to feel in the loop. Read an exciting interview I conducted here: Getting personal with Devoted To Pink.

Three- A "How to guide".

For instance, I devised a "How to get Instagram ready blog post" with all the tips and tricks bloggers are on the hunt for! As a blogger who still has a lot to learn, I find posts like these super helpful!

Four- Don't be shy! 

Why not share some embarrassing stories, childhood photos or previous blogs you have owned! There is nothing like a light-hearted comedy.

Five- A round-up of your favourite bloggers/blogs, who inspires you?

The blogging community needs a lot of love at the moment, I feel there is a little bit of a lull... Why not share the support and shout about a particular post that resonates with you. It will brighten someone's day!

Six- Focus on one topic and criticise or praise. 

I love reading Trip Advisor reviews, so why not talk about a memorable experience you have had at a particular establishment or an independent retailer you cannot stay away from?

Seven- A Dear Brand post...

How about an open letter to someone you would like to collaborate with? This is a great way to shout about your passions and communicate, with a potential negotiation in finding new projects.

Thank you for reading.

What are your favourite posts to read?

Amy x


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