Behind The Scenes With Bramley Products: Chloé Luxton

An interview with Chloé Luxton from studies to ethical values and the perfect staycation. 

One: I noticed you studied Italian, if you were not running your own business, what would you be doing? 

That’s a very good question!  I am not sure I would be using my Italian because the dream was always to have my own lifestyle shop. 

Two: What is your favourite product from the Bramley range? 

I use pretty much all the products every day so I do love them all, but I think it probably has to be the Hand Wash because it’s got such a great fragrance. It doesn’t dry out your hands and to me just encapsulates what Bramley is all about.  The new Bath, Body & Shower Oils are becoming a firm favourite too.

Three: Describe your pamper routine? 

It’s quite low key actually because I don’t have much time in the mornings and by the evening I’m exhausted. However, I always make sure that I take my make up off and I use LizEarle’s Cleanse & Polish to do just that.  I then follow with a facial oil that I have blended myself.  If I have more time I will use a facial scrub and apply a mask, plus blow dry my hair.

Four: What is your ideal stay-cation?

It is in Devon or Cornwall and involves beaches, BBQs, family and friends. I would love to say camping but because our children have been so small, we’ve avoided it!  I think they are now at the age that they would really love it. I’m looking to book a long weekend at Eweleaze Farm in August in Dorset (not too far from home, so we can head back if it all goes horribly wrong or pours with rain!).

Five: Who has had the biggest impact in your career so far?

I think it would probably have to be Richard Howard, the apothecary. I have worked with him for the last 13 years since I started at Cowshed.  He is an amazing man and has been incredibly supportive with Bramley - he really is an inspiration. 
Image of Bramley sage and lemongrass handwash
Six: With the juggling of a successful business and three children, what would be your perfect date night when you have a moment? 

We’re very lucky due to the fact we have got quite a few good pubs around where we live. It would be visiting one of those and kicking back with a large glass of wine and some good home cooked food.  If we can organise childcare then we try and get away for a couple of days to a city like Paris or Rome and just eat, shop, sight see and lie in!

Seven: Do you see yourself venturing into any other business plans alongside Bramley in the future?  

I will definitely work on other projects because I love the start-up side of a business, but Bramley is my main focus at the moment.  There is so much more that I want to do with Bramley ant that’s keeping me on my toes-it’s really exciting.

Eight: How conscious are you when buying beauty products in regards to their ethical values?  

I am very conscious because I know that whatever you put on your skin actually goes in to your blood stream. I make sure that products don’t contain any parabens, sulphates or other ‘nasties’. It is also important that they are not over packaged as I am really concerned about the effect it’s having on the planet. I dread to think how much waste there is in everyday products.  

Nine: What is your favourite print/blog to read?

There are a couple of blogs I like to read – I get The Brief daily because that keeps me abreast of the news around the world. Then there is Sheerluxe and Wear &Where. Both are brilliant because they give you a little bit from fashion to recipes and interviews with really interesting people.  On Instagram I follow quite a few of the mother ones – Mother of Daughters, Does my Bum Look 40, Steph Don’t Buy Her Flowers and The Unmumsy Mum because they all keep it very real and are very funny (plus they make you realise that you’re not alone on this journey!).

Ten: What are the next steps for Bramley?  

We have got some new products launching over the next few months including our Exfoliating Body Scrub so that’s exciting.  We are also looking to expand our retail distribution and potentially go expand the wholesale hotel business abroad – so lots to do and think about!

I thorougly enjoyed conducting this interview. Please check out Chloé's Instagram for Bramley products.

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