Editing Photos: How To Get Instagram Ready

Editing photos does not have to be tricky. These simple tricks and editing tips can help transform your photos, ready to fight the Instagram algorithm. 

It can prove frustrating sometimes when taking images after dinner time- the lighting is all artificial, yellow and shadows overtake the image. However, most of my images are taken with an I-Phone 6S or 8+ and edited with only one free app. 

The app that you need to sharpen and brighten your photos is VSCO cam. I also used a white board for the base/flat-lay builder of this image from Hobbycraft.

Here is the before image of the photo above.

When editing my photos, the adjustments in the effects of the image vary from image to image. I personally think it is key to reduce the brightness, increase the exposure (but not always by a lot) and have a good contrast to the exposure.

These are the steps I use to edit my photos

One- The filter I typically use for flat-lays is F2.

VSCO cam is also brilliant for lifestyle and every-day images- not just flat-lays. I normally follow steps two and on-wards when it is not a flat-lay image.

Two- Exposure.

Exposure is key to brightening the image and almost blurring imperfections. It makes the background of a flat-lay stand out and can diminish some yellow lighting.

Three-Temperature (for me the most important step)

This image has only had the temperature decreased fully, from the original image.

Four- Sharpening the image

This step is essential when bringing out key features and eliminating blurred lines/shadows. It is also a great tool for bringing out text.

Five- Clarity

Definition is the ultimate result when using clarity. I especially love this feature when sharpening up architecture or scenery.

Excelsior Hotel Ernst Dom

Overall, the important message is that you do not necessarily need expensive equipment or insane editing software to create an Instagram worthy photo. 

Here are a couple more examples:




I hope this post has helped a little and thank you for reading.

What do you love and hate most about editing?

Check out more of my imagery here: Amy Marshment Instagram. I also have a Katie Loxton giveaway running on there too!

Amy x


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