*Rainy Days With Netflix And Panasonic

There is nothing I like more than curling up with a glass of red, my adorable Popps the Patterdale and my boyfriend Dan on a cold rainy day. Netflix is the app for binging and endless scrolling on a Sunday, and what better to watch it on then an Oled 4k Tv Panasonic for a crisp display. This is the key element to bringing the cinema home, alongside all the key snacks-(popcorn of course). 

The best snacks 

  1. Tesco onion rings (crisp version)
  2. Revels
  3. Cheesy nachos
  4. Popcorn

The best drinks

  1. A glass of red wine is perfect by a lit fire in the Winter.
  2. G&T
  3. Lemon iced tea
  4. Rum and Ginger beer

The best shows

  • Stranger Things: A witty super-natural show, which is highly comedic and appeals to the most sceptical people in relation to dis-liking sci-fi. 
  • Gossip Girl: A romantic series with secrecy, scandal and all the dreams New York has to offer.
  • Can't Pay We'll Take It Away: This show is so easy to watch, but hard to watch occasionally with heartfelt stories and drama.
  • Jack Whitehall- Travels With My Father: If you are a fan of travel, comedy and learning about different culture in a light-hearted way- this is definitely for you.

The key elements

  1. Lighting: Dim the lights a little and pop on some fairy lights and candles. I am twenty one and the idea of a fort with fairy lights is the best thing ever.
  2. A good screen and sound system to watch your favourite shows on, Panasonic knows how to do this!
  3. Comfy clothes- PJS is a must- check out my New Look PJs on my Instagram.
  4. Company- surround yourself with fun and loving people to watch the best shows with!
I hope you enjoyed this post, what is your favourite thing to do on a rainy day?

Thank you for reading.

Amy x


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