Tips For The Newbie Baker With Chloe's Cakes

If you are aspiring to improve your bakes, too nervous to venture out of the simple cookie zone or you're just nosy.. you'll love this post. After following Chloe on Instagram, I envisioned all the baking tools I wanted to splurge on alongside all the delicious treats I craved to make! Here's a little bit behind the highly recommended baker!

Ever had a baking disaster? Icing sugar spread across your kitchen, a cake as flat as a pancake, or a decorating failure? Yes, I certainly have. Make sure you don’t let those mishaps put you off baking for ever - every failure is a lesson learned and the more you practice, the better you will become.

I have always loved baking, it’s been my hobby since I was a child. Only during secondary school did I realise it was something I wanted to pursue as a career. Every cake or bake I have created is for me personally, a mini piece of art. I want it to be beautiful to look at, but most importantly delicious to eat. However, it’s taken me years of practice and I’m still learning and improving as I go. Many first time bakers can be intimidated by the recipes, ratios and ingredients that creating a cake can involve, but don’t let that knock your confidence. With my five top tips, you’ll be sure to set off on the right foot.

1. Start basic 

Don’t try creating a fancy cheesecake, or chocolate torte for your first bake, as it will no doubt end in a result you didn't dream of. Instead, try something simple like a chocolate sponge or tray bake - this will give you the confidence to go forward and challenge yourself the next time you bake.

2. Read the recipe... then read it again 

There have been so many times I have missed a part out of a recipe and messed up a cake. What I like to do is read the recipe then write it out in my own words so that I know I’ve gone through every part.

3. Use fresh, good quality ingredients 

Your cakes will never taste as beautiful with lower quality ingredients. You can scrimp on things such as flour and sugar but when it comes to ingredients such as chocolate, it pays to buy the best.

4. Set up an Instagram 

I set up my Instagram (@chloescakes3) as a place to share my cakes with my friends and family. It gave me the motivation to make my cakes look extra appealing, plus start goals such as my ‘25 days of baking’. This encouraged me a to try new things and take me out of my comfort zone.

5. Mistakes will happen 

It is important to not get disheartened by a bake that did not go to plan. You might find that it turns out to be a yummy/positive disaster and tastes even better than the original recipe. Just go with it and try again next time.

Take a look at my cakes on instagram: @chloescakes3


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  1. Well now I’m definitely hungry 😍 the treats look stunningggg I want to try them all!x


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