My Six Month Goals

One: Start writing a book.

For as long as I can remember, I've always written poetry and fictional content. From scribbles in notebooks to whole pages of thoughts and imagination. I want to have a structured plan within the next few weeks of how I'm going to put the plan to paper and eventually get published!

Two: Spend more time having staycations.

Travel is completely on my list but so is starting to have a better budgeting plan. I am utterly in love with Yorkshire and the Cotswolds, so planning more countryside trips to relax and switch off is high up on the list.

Three: Take more photographs.

To develop more confidence, take more outfit photos and develop my personal style. I also want to take the time and capture more general lifestyle and personal photos to document all the fun memories!

Four: Look after myself: Health, Exercise, Rest, Study, Balance.

Stay positive and engaged in further counselling sessions, I went to my first one yesterday and it was enlightening. To find the balance between study, food and working out. P.S and to start exercising properly again. Finally, to have wind down evenings and less screen time. 


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