Getting Back Into An Exercise Routine

I, like a lot of people, go through bursts of motivation to hit the gym or work out. Then, other times curl up in comfies and binge watch a series. I'm all about listening to your body and mind but appreciating when you need rest. I find it hard not to feel guilty about resting but switching off is just as important as working hard.

I've just started getting back into exercise again. The weather boosts my mood so much and makes me want to get up and go. Here are just a few things that I've done to motivate myself and get back into a routine this week.

One) Started making a work-out wish list. I'm going to post this on Saturday. I'm all about wearing lovely but affordable gym gear to increase your confidence. When you enjoy what you're wearing to workout it makes you feel so much more relaxed.

Two) Telling yourself, you can do this. It's nice to be kind and to tell yourself that you can do it. It's not when you're exercising that you're always de-motivated. Sometimes you may want to stop but it's encouraging yourself to start in the first place. 

Three) Variation. I love running, swimming and walking. So today, I'm making it a bit more relaxed and walking up the Malvern Hills with my boyfriend. It's a good idea to incorporate exercise and together time sometimes. It doesn't always then feel like you're "working out". It also keeps it interesting and not like a chore when varying your routine. Mixing working out on your own means that you can work at your own pace, however working out with someone else can motivate you more so. Variation is the same with food, I've started experimenting with different superfood powders, fruits and meals. It's crucial to have enough goodness in your system so you have the energy to push yourself.

Four) To learn and have goals. The next steps on my list are to learn how to train with weights and not just do cardio.


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