Learning To Be Kinder To Yourself

Something I have been kindly advised and want to make an effort to make time for is... to be kinder to myself. After thinking "What do I actually do that is kind to myself?" I didn't manage to come up with anything and realised I wasn't sure how to, or what classified as this. 

Some steps that I am going to take this week and think will be useful to others to be kinder to yourself are...

To make time for you. Whether that be something as simple as going to have a coffee on your own, go shopping by yourself for a little bit or have a nice long bath. Even when I'm in the bath, my mind doesn't shut off and I never manage to stay in long. Before the next time, I'm going to tell myself- just relax and enjoy, what are you rushing for? Switch off. That leads onto my next point. Make the time about you, something you really enjoy.

To talk to yourself. I'm awful at taking compliments or not self-criticising. I'm a huge perfectionist and a worrier. So for the next week, I'm going to tell myself one kind thing a day and write it down in the new journal that I've bought too. 

Keep a positive log/journal. I'm using one to log my feelings, to write down achievements, goals and things that have made me happy that day. I'm also writing down negative feelings, however not linked to my main issues in counselling. 

To try a relaxation app. I have actually used a couple before and just listened to relaxing music. I have been so sceptical beforehand, but just a few minutes of listening can make a real difference. Meditation or yoga do have strong benefits. I think branching out of your comfort zone is something that is really self-satisfying. It doesn't have to cost money as a starting point can be downloading a free meditation app. This leads to my next point. TO SWITCH OFF. Have just ten minutes of not thinking about anything, through silence or meditation.

Not to be so self-critical. Even in this post, I've been thinking about all the tweaks I could make to it. Just accept that you have done well and enjoy what you've got/done/produced.

How do you practice being kind to yourself? Do you have any tips to switch off or relax?



  1. Thank you so much for this post! It’s can be difficult to take care of yourself when life spins around so fast... I really enjoyed reading this! -karolina xxx

    1. I'm glad that you enjoyed the post! Take care, Amy xx


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