The Natural Makeup Look: From Skin-care essentials to makeup tips.

There's never really been a time when I've enjoyed wearing heavy makeup. It may be because I've never really experimented enough with bolder choices. I've always thought that the less is more look looks better on me personally. The most makeup I've worn has been professionally done by MUA's for events and weddings. I do enjoy individual lashes/corner lashes for a marginally more dramatic effect, but above is just one layer of mascara.

If you would like a full makeup routine from start to finish then please request, however, these are just my top tips/products I use on a daily basis.

Skincare is more important to me than makeup itself.

I believe if you look after your skin as best as possible, this helps the application of your makeup and also a dewy/healthy under-glow is one of my key steps.

An exfoliator- You can read about my new love for a particular one "here".

A good cleanser- I don't have a current favourite, although I've enjoyed using the "Mallow and White Cleansing oil £30" or any natural/ no nasties included cleanser.

Toner- "Nakin, Purifying Face Toner, £15". You only need a little more than a pea-sized amount to sweep over your face using a cotton pad. Along with the "Nakin Performance Serum, £25".

Primer number one- Emma Hardie Amazing Face Protect and Prime, £46. I could not live without this product, it adds an instant glow to your face whilst protecting from harmful UV rays. I also love The magic cream and a few other goodies from Charlotte Tilbury too. 

Makeup tips.

*Mix a primer with a foundation/BB cream that is a little too dark for you.  I use a little of the Autograph Daily Defence primer , £12.50 mixed in with a Ren BB cream. It also means you need less foundation, also blend the foundation/primer with soft strokes into your neck.

* I usually spend less time on my eyes, using shimmering/brassy tones to brighten the eyes or use cream shadows. Cream shadows look so beautiful and are super quick and easy to apply.

* Find a mascara you love and only use one to two coats for a naturally enhanced look. I don't like thick wands on a mascara.

*Tap the lipstick applicator onto your lips, barely applying any colour. I like to add a plumping gloss on top. It looks like " your lips but better"

* Always use a brush going in one direction, brushing upwards to "fluff up" and bolden your brows.

* I think you can "dress up" any makeup look with contour and highlight. I like to roll highlight slightly above my cheekbones, a little on the forehead, around the chin and anywhere the light naturally hits. Again, with highlight, I prefer cream sticks to powders. I've noticed I use less and it's more visible. I focus most of the contour in a three shape from my forehead to cheekbones, to jawline.

* I like to use rosy pink colours for lips and cheeks.

What are your top tips?

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