Weekly roundup: Appreciating your city to embracing personal style

It's not until you have a bundle of free time that you realise every beautiful yet before insignificant part of your city. I've been trying to have a "routine" in a week of literally no routine after recently leaving my job. I've spent a lot of time on "me" too. Here's a little roundup of what has been going on.

Most significant- Counselling.

One of the biggest challenges has been to finally seek counselling support. I have currently had two sessions and would definitely say it's one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, yet I can see it is going to be superbly beneficial. You learn more and more about yourself and have to connect the past to the future. I'm feeling pretty stressed about how the sessions have made me feel, but it's something to look past.

Embracing personal style.

As someone who loves fashion, unusual prints and different fits, I had never really expressed that outwardly with personal photos or even shots of the outfits laid out. This is something I've consciously tried to change and have been loving getting a bit more creative with angles. It's important for building more confidence and just having fun. I always love to look at other people's style too. Below is super casual for me, but I like trying different clothing.

Hair change.

For as long as I can remember, I've had very long and dark hair. I've also been very blonde. I've never changed my parting as it has always been thrown back or left in the middle. Today I decided to get it chopped with a little blonde put in and my parting to the side. I love it.


  • Watching- Love Island
  • Eating- Chocolate raisins
  • Drinking- Lime and soda water
  • Doing- Long walks and style photos
  • Loving- Curling up watching Skins

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