The Ninth Of August

Welcome to my blog, a space that over time has had an absolute whirlwind of content that has adapted to my personality over time. Through twists and turns in jobs, a thoroughly enlightening counselling experience so far and experimentation into new hobbies- my blog has had dry spells and bursts of creativity.

As I've entered my twenties, I've learnt so so much and the art of reflecting on yourself, your day and even your week is so important. When people say that age comes wisdom and experience, well that's truly ignorant and ill- thought. They need to take a look at my life, you could write a Harry Potter series of content about what I've endured so far.

I've learnt your own abilities are endless once you rid yourself of toxicity and the wrong people. The saying is true, that it's not about how long you've known someone or a particular relationship to you it's about how you're treated. If these people are no good, get rid. Time will heal. Then see how much you throw yourself into new opportunities. It's amazing!

I've learnt not to stay in a job that is downright awful, regarding pay or lack of communication. When you're young and figuring out your career, it is all about the experience. As long as you have an idea of how to achieve your long-term career goals, shitty jobs in the meantime really don't mean much. If they're making you feel completely crap, leave. Don't just give up on a job, you need time to learn, adjust and make mistakes but don't stay if it's wrong for YOU.

I've learnt that you really need to spend time on yourself and not feel guilty. You can't look after the world until you look after your own mental health and body. The effect of running a long bath, following getting lost in a book works wonders for your sleeping pattern and wellbeing. Surround yourself with positive and engaging people, but always make time for your own interests.

Overall, I want my blog to be an honest space, not an Instagram readily themed one. As much as I appreciate a pretty theme, I've joined personal touches with subtly colour co-ordinated photos on my Instagram feed and hope to do a little of both on here.

I can't even predict the exact content of what's going to be featured, but what I do know is that it won't be rigid and featuring almost the exact same content of other bloggers.