How Do We Curate Our Feeds? Behind The Scenes Look

Social media has become a central hub that is easier than ever to upload all the best bits. I love browsing through feeds that have had so much thought put into them with consistent colours and beautiful outfits, however it is so far from reality. Speaking from experience and what I have witnessed, people are glued to their phones. People on dates, families, you name it. There is a sense of "I need to capture this" "How does my outfit look?" Do people even wear a specific outfit just to get a photo? Will people know we went to this exclusive place or bought this product if it is not beautifully advertised on our feeds?

Some of the best bits are captured on camera but are deemed unsuitable for an Instagram theme or they do not look completely perfect. I am just not sure it is completely happy or healthy to scrutinise and perfect so much and that is why it is lovely to upload a post showing things that are a bit messy or not "perfect" for social media. That is also why I enjoy uploading stories to show some bits that did not quite make it onto the feed or instant in the moment fun.

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Me and my boyfriend Dan were completely soaked from walking around Cardiff yesterday and had to sit drenched and shivering all the way back to our hometown. The glamour extends to eating chicken selects in Mcdonalds at around 9pm soaking wet. You do not see that on the Instagram feeds...

Me and Dan had come to visit my sister Liv in Cardiff, here you can see us both chilling in the hotel room contemplating whether we could be bothered to move for dinner yet.

I just think it is fun to put a snippet of things that will not ever be shown because they are purely random.

Would you like to see a fuller behind the scenes post in the future?

Amy x

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