Preparing for 2019

2018 has been a whirlwind of a year as I am sure many of you will agree. I have learnt a lot, treasured a lot and had to endure a lot of tests too. I am a firm believer of enjoying the little things whilst working hard to achieve what you want in the end. The above picture is the epitome' of enjoying the little things. On the 23rd of December I discovered this beautiful side street right on my doorstep.



I started and found a university degree that I truly love and want to flourish in. I am studying an undergraduate degree in Fashion Business. It has made me branch out of my comfort zone, explore new places, hobbies and meet fantastic people. I have already had the opportunity to explore London and visit multiple exhibitions at the Victoria and Albert museum. Plus I have attended an arts evening in Birmingham. I cannot wait to see how many more opportunities the course brings next year!


I was surprised with a trip to Amsterdam for my 22nd Birthday and it was the best experience ever. Take me back please! We stayed in a beautiful apartment, ate plenty of delicious food and drank a sufficient amount of cocktails! Amsterdam exceeded my expectations architecturally and I have never felt so safe having a nose around a city very late at night.


This is by far the scariest thing I have ever done but hands down the best. It is terrifying as I have only had around four or five sessions and I feel like I have changed as a person nearly that amount of times too. It has helped me process many repressed memories and numerous experiences. I can hand on heart say that I feel stronger and braver talking through some horrifying times compared to repressing them. The saying is true it gets way worse before it gets better but it has made me so open, feel so safe and clued up. I can not wait for my next session. I would be more than happy to talk in depth on this subject so let me know if you would like a full post or drop me any questions you have!

Trips & Drinks

From Cardiff, Leeds and the Cotswolds. Many a drinks have been enjoyed with many memories made too. Tenby and Broadway have been highlights of the year for sure! I have visited new places to challenge my photography skills, plus found new independent companies to shop with and have a pamper.

Family Time

This year has made me realise how precious family time is, having spent more time with family than ever. I travel up to Leeds a few times a year as half of my family resides up north! It has been great to spend an early Christmas with them all this year. we tucked into plenty of festive food and Baileys/gin too - mmm. Watching my younger siblings have a swimming lesson and seeing them watch Home Alone 2 for the first time was priceless. Cannot beat family time!

What is in store for 2019?

  • I am hoping to look into studying abroad as part of my degree.
  • I would like to work with more mental health brands and independent fashion/beauty businesses.
  • Continue with my blogging and have more consistent uploads- hopefully twice a week!
  • To be more organised, I love making lists and writing my thoughts down.
  • Get ready for university/days out the night before!
  • To enjoy lots of memories, but continue to save money.

What are your plans for 2019? How was your 2018 also?

Amy x

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