What I'm Loving Right Now


Throughout the month of September, I have been absolutely loving self care, nature, long walks and devouring tasty pizzas. The little things have always made me feel all positive and happy. Yesterday, me and my partner Dan sat beside the river in Worcester watching the world go by, surrounded by pugs, coffee and live music. It is the small things that make you appreciate what you have in life; and it made me realise how lucky I am to live in such a clean, comfortable and inviting city. 

As the months get colder, I love the celebratory atmosphere, fashion, decoration and interior changes that happen with it. During a few recent cosy evenings, here are a few bits and bobs that I have been loving to unwind, pamper and binge watch!

*Bubbles! I love a nice cold glass of prosecco, a g&t or champagne- delicious. I love the new Hendricks Mixed floral gin that I got for my Birthday. If I'm not drinking something fancy, then I love green tea. The Tetley super green tea "boost" is my favourite.

*The above pizza was from WTF! (Where's the food in Worcester). Oh my goodness, it is the nicest pizza I have ever laid my eyes on and the vegan cheese was tastier than some regular versions I have tried. That is coming from someone whose favourite part of Christmas is the cheese-board (slight exaggeration).

*Appreciating, photographing and organising my shoes has been therapeutic and part of an organisational habit. Shoes and handbags have always been something I love to look after, wear and lust after! It is super rare that you will see me in flat shoes too. The above blue Kurt Geiger heels are comfortable too- win win!

*Nature, flowers and the garden have all been important. They have positively enhanced my mental health in little ways. I love being surrounded by flowers and greenery whilst relaxing with a coffee too.

*TV programmes: My sister introduced me to Peep show. Within a few days me and my boyfriend have managed to get onto series three already... addicted and highly recommend for intense cringing, laughter and cheesiness.

Elle Darby on You-tube. She is just the sweetest, most genuine and bright character. The variety of content and the love she shows for her family and life around her shines through in all her videos.

Other series: The only way is Essex (I have watched since episode one), Stacey Dooley and her recent documentaries, I cannot wait to watch Glow up on BBC, First Dates Hotel... I am trying to think of "quality" series I have watched lately, as I promise I have watched some brilliant ones and also love documentaries, wildlife and interior programmes. However, I do love to watch reality TV and programmes that are relatable, relaxed and fun.

De-cluttering My Life


The best thing about feeling confused about what direction you are heading means that you can explore as many options as possible, then narrow down what brings you joy and excites you and what no longer relates. The areas of my life where this mentality came into play included my social media, blog and wardrobe.

As I was scrolling through my Instagram feed I was feeling indifferent, uninspired and almost confused as to what "this journey was, what was I doing?" After grabbing a beautiful notebook, thoughts instantly poured onto the paper. 

I started with general feelings of how I was feeling in that moment-unrelated to social media. Then I wrote what I wanted in the future, my current interests and then interlinked them in the diagram.

The first step was to practice these ideas by altering my Instagram. It was scary to purge my feed, unfollow accounts that no longer shared similar values; and archive posts that (no matter how beautiful) were not what I wanted in the next chapter of my life or to promote on my social media due to a change in direction.

I have always struggled with being a perfectionist which has its positives and negatives. The goals for my blog include the importance of transparency and raising awareness for mental health and body issues. Style, lifestyle and progress will sit alongside this at the the heart of the blog. De-cluttering my life, social media and wardrobe has sparked a clearer movement for my blog. The feelings of transparency will hopefully diminish negative connotations of perfectionism and offering only "the best bits" online. 

For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with body dysmorphia. I can only describe it as a negative and overwhelming mental illness that masks your true self. I have never been able to see my body accurately and that has made buying clothing catastrophic. I am now starting my wardrobe from scratch due to going up dress sizes and I am very excited to wear clothes that make me feel amazing. This has been the first week ever that I have tried an outfit on and appreciated my figure in it. I cannot wait to share an outfit post soon. This is only my personal experience written in just a couple of words, I will write a longer post about my experience in future. You can also find out more about the signs and symptoms here: Body dysmorphia.

Decluttering your wardrobe, social media feed and your surroundings to meet your needs and values does wonders for your mental head space. Here is to more positivity, progress and exciting new things to work on and discover.

The Future and fashion.


Canva image of a clothes rail.
It is brilliant to start having a plan about where you want to be in a few years time, to know what inspires, drives you and pushes you. The place where I believe mine fully started was at university. I have previously worked in personal styling, loved to mix together fashion articles into a collage, and there have been many a times where I have been excited over saving for a pair of heels. I have always admired the fashion industry, the intricacy of a garment and the way you can feel when you wear something that reflects you.

The fashion industry is where I feel most comfortable, the whirl-wind days that change consistently, the unravelling of new stock, the joy of giving someone their dream outfit... It is something that has always been an inspiring process for me.

After the completion of my first year of university, I have come to realise that the psychological side of purchasing and fashion, trend prediction and our needs and wants in regard to fashion are a route that I want to investigate.

Purchasing and working with fashion brands, testing new fashion styles, social media and modelling have all opened my eyes to a world of possibilities in the fashion industry. 

Connection, sharing your style and discovering brands that offer something innovative is all exciting. It helps you understand what we need from fashion as a society, what makes us feel individual and fashion's relationship with the environment. Whether that be companies using different materials, our consumption and waste.

Studying, reading, pinning and following have all helped me acquire more of an insight into the fashion industry. I have learnt so much and I have also started to understand where I want to make my mark in the industry.
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