What personal style means to me


Photography credit: Josh Deakin
Outfit Details

Sunglasses: Miu Miu from Duty Free.
White shirt: M&S
Black knee length skirt: Asos (Similar styles- 3/4 length skirt).
Bracelet: A stall years ago by the seaside...

I normally base my style around fit, colour, texture and smartness. It is rare that you will see me in a casual outfit, although I have started to wear jeans a little more often. I only own one pair of white trainers with scallop detailing and my running trainers. I can mostly be found in shoes with a heel, jewelled detailing on the shoes, velvet pointed toe shoes or ballet style flats.

My style evolves constantly, however I do not normally like to follow core trends. I like long length skirts, balloon sleeves, sinched waists and clothes that flatter a curvier figure. There are two ends of the spectrum to my wardrobe: above which is minimalist, slightly formal and neat or I may be seen wearing fitted green trousers and cropped yellow tops.

My favourite places to shop affordably:

& other stories: especially for accessories and dresses.
Stradivarius: for skirts, simple tops and knitwear.
H&M: contrary to popular belief, I love the fit of H&M clothing. I love their shirts and knitwear best.
Boux Avenue: For lingerie and the bras fit wonderfully.

Personal style to me is expression and can highlight a particular time in history or current times whereby you connect to the style of the times. I do not relate to a lot of current trends except the more minimalist, office wear, boxy blazer and "trends" that never die. I do not like how the quality of clothing seems to be continually dwindling just to provide a trend cheaply.

Key values when buying and wearing clothes:

One: I try to be sustainable. I may buy from fast fashion brands, but I am careful when it comes to limiting washes, protecting my clothes and buying clothes that I know I will wear over and over again.

Two: I always ask the question "will I go off this print in two weeks" when buying printed outfits. Along with, am I trying to be "too brave" with my style and will I really want to put this on?

Three: Does this fit beautifully and flatteringly? I like to ask opinions of others too.

Four: Is this multi-use? Can I dress this up and down?

Five: Does this outfit feel special to wear?

Six: Does this look worth the money or that it costs more than what it does... there is nothing better than something costing barely anything but feeling beautiful and lasting a while. Alike the shirt and skirt above! They were both under £30 but are long standing keepers.

Seven: Do I have things that go well with this or can I style this unusually?

What is most important to you when it comes to personal style?

Thank you as ever for reading.

Amy x

A clean state of mind: Tidying up


Image credit: Simona Ganea
I have always been someone with a strong interest in fashion and a slightly obsessive compulsion to clean. However, these have never mixed together and my wardrobe has always been a total state. I have hardly ever organised my wardrobe and many things are just shoved in... It was great to learn the art of immaculate folding and storage.

After watching Marie Kondo on Netflix it sparked some motivation to put my life in a little more order. I needed to sort my wardrobe, keep items that resonated with me and that were pieces I love to wear, discard of items I never wear or are the wrong size, and take care of my items.

It was extremely therapeutic to fold all of my clothes with delicacy and concentration as unusual as that may sound, and enjoy the very minimal wardrobe that was left. It is always calming to donate "clutter" that becomes someone's treasure. Then someone can find the memories in a piece of clothing that reflects them.

I firstly placed all of my items and my partner Dan's items onto the bed and we were ruthless but fair with our selection of clothing to keep vs donate. It is also exciting to see what you have and what would pair nicely for the upcoming season.

As I am moving house with Dan in September too, I think it is important to keep on top of what you own to minimise the amount you have to move and keep things that you treasure, need or are useful. It has made me feel so much more relaxed on an evening knowing that everything is in order and organised beautifully.

Do you enjoy or loathe tidying? I think it is so important to feel relaxed and balanced. I know that when everything is tidy I feel a lot less anxious and more prepared.

Thank you as ever for reading.

Amy x

Living in a digital world: Are we branded?


Photograph taken by Alex Leung

Social media has been a brilliant building block to greater things, a place to build networks and in some cases earn money. I have met some kind, genuine and more inspirational people through Instagram than some people in close proximity around me in real life. That is the fascinating part about it. You get to connect, share stories and advice with people of all ages, genders and interests online. For the most part, I think it is a brilliant platform to grow.

I asked myself the question, are we branded? Do people get a very narrow judgement of us based on our Instagram alone and do people really "know us" that connect with us online?

My journey online has become increasingly better as I have grown as a person in the "real world". I have met some friends for life on the internet and bonded over an improving mental health journey and a love for art/creativity.

I have managed to meet some insanely talented photographers, artists and business people that have opened so many doors career and hobby wise. Whilst I looked at my social feeds, I asked about people's presumptions and people were very spot on. People expected me to enjoy the little luxuries, be occasionally shy and also enjoy the camera! I do believe that people can "put us into a box" by what they see of us online and that it is so important to be comfortable in our own skin and challenge the "stereotype" people may have of us. I am constantly pushing myself to learn new things, angles, go to new places and surprise myself and others about there being no limits to your curiosity.

I am aiming to throw more of my own creative projects out there on social media, as well as cherish the talented creatives that have taken some incredible photographs or recommended me to other photographers.

My goals this year are to start writing a book I have always wanted to write, present some more of my photography and do an experimental photo-shoot. I have been branded as too cute to be photographed and as someone suited to floral scenes only (I love this),  however I also want to push through these boundaries. Always go for you what you want to achieve and do let apparent limits or "judgements" drive you forward.

Thank you for reading and taking the time to visit my page.

What are your opinions on how social media presents a person?

Amy x

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