Depression & Anxiety by Hannah

Image credit: Hannah from Cosy Caitlin

Hannah, from Cosy Caitlin has kindly shared her mental health experiences and shed some light on her coping techniques, and the community that offered her support. You can find out more about Hannah in the previous link. From baking to mental health, Hannah shares her positivism and creativity across numerous social media platforms.

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Hannah's story.

Image credit: Hannah from Cosy Caitlin

Hi, I am Hannah and around 5 years ago I developed depression, then anxiety followed 2 years later. If anyone around me was to describe me, they would say I was always the smiley, happy girl who found the good in everything, even with the grey cloud following me around.

I started with depression towards the end of my first year at university. I would spend days in my room,  not completing work and not wanting to socialise either. Overtime I learnt techniques that worked for me to help me deal with my mental illness, and my main breakthrough came in my final year. This is when I got a new group of friends, started exercising regularly and had a healthier social life.

Once I left uni and went into my first full time job I relapsed, and also developed anxiety alongside the depression. Once I noticed this was happening (which took over 6 months, it was not a quick process!) I actively started putting things in place to help myself again. I still did not gain medical support, however tried to busy myself and find things that helped.

Thankfully, since that recovery 3 years ago I have not had a ‘full’ relapse. However, I do still deal with my mental illness on a daily basis. I now know the ways to help myself, such as regular exercising, socialising but also giving myself ‘me time’.

I recently went to the NHS for support after a prolonged period of my ‘down days’ and was enrolled in a group CBT class. The techniques I have learnt during this have been so helpful and I know they will come in handy whenever I need them.

I do believe that some mental illnesses never leave us, we just have to find our best way to keep them at bay and help ourselves as much as we can. Never struggle alone, let the people close to you know what’s happening (I don’t know what I’d do now without my family and best friends) and contact the NHS

I promise group sessions are not as scary as they seem!

If you would like to read more on coping techniques for anxiety and depression click NHS tips for more.

If you would like to get in touch and share your story, please email:

Thank you, Amy x

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