A clean state of mind: Tidying up

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I have always been someone with a strong interest in fashion and a slightly obsessive compulsion to clean. However, these have never mixed together and my wardrobe has always been a total state. I have hardly ever organised my wardrobe and many things are just shoved in... It was great to learn the art of immaculate folding and storage.

After watching Marie Kondo on Netflix it sparked some motivation to put my life in a little more order. I needed to sort my wardrobe, keep items that resonated with me and that were pieces I love to wear, discard of items I never wear or are the wrong size, and take care of my items.

It was extremely therapeutic to fold all of my clothes with delicacy and concentration as unusual as that may sound, and enjoy the very minimal wardrobe that was left. It is always calming to donate "clutter" that becomes someone's treasure. Then someone can find the memories in a piece of clothing that reflects them.

I firstly placed all of my items and my partner Dan's items onto the bed and we were ruthless but fair with our selection of clothing to keep vs donate. It is also exciting to see what you have and what would pair nicely for the upcoming season.

As I am moving house with Dan in September too, I think it is important to keep on top of what you own to minimise the amount you have to move and keep things that you treasure, need or are useful. It has made me feel so much more relaxed on an evening knowing that everything is in order and organised beautifully.

Do you enjoy or loathe tidying? I think it is so important to feel relaxed and balanced. I know that when everything is tidy I feel a lot less anxious and more prepared.

Thank you as ever for reading.

Amy x

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