What personal style means to me

Photography credit: Josh Deakin
Outfit Details

Sunglasses: Miu Miu from Duty Free.
White shirt: M&S
Black knee length skirt: Asos (Similar styles- 3/4 length skirt).
Bracelet: A stall years ago by the seaside...

I normally base my style around fit, colour, texture and smartness. It is rare that you will see me in a casual outfit, although I have started to wear jeans a little more often. I only own one pair of white trainers with scallop detailing and my running trainers. I can mostly be found in shoes with a heel, jewelled detailing on the shoes, velvet pointed toe shoes or ballet style flats.

My style evolves constantly, however I do not normally like to follow core trends. I like long length skirts, balloon sleeves, sinched waists and clothes that flatter a curvier figure. There are two ends of the spectrum to my wardrobe: above which is minimalist, slightly formal and neat or I may be seen wearing fitted green trousers and cropped yellow tops.

My favourite places to shop affordably:

& other stories: especially for accessories and dresses.
Stradivarius: for skirts, simple tops and knitwear.
H&M: contrary to popular belief, I love the fit of H&M clothing. I love their shirts and knitwear best.
Boux Avenue: For lingerie and the bras fit wonderfully.

Personal style to me is expression and can highlight a particular time in history or current times whereby you connect to the style of the times. I do not relate to a lot of current trends except the more minimalist, office wear, boxy blazer and "trends" that never die. I do not like how the quality of clothing seems to be continually dwindling just to provide a trend cheaply.

Key values when buying and wearing clothes:

One: I try to be sustainable. I may buy from fast fashion brands, but I am careful when it comes to limiting washes, protecting my clothes and buying clothes that I know I will wear over and over again.

Two: I always ask the question "will I go off this print in two weeks" when buying printed outfits. Along with, am I trying to be "too brave" with my style and will I really want to put this on?

Three: Does this fit beautifully and flatteringly? I like to ask opinions of others too.

Four: Is this multi-use? Can I dress this up and down?

Five: Does this outfit feel special to wear?

Six: Does this look worth the money or that it costs more than what it does... there is nothing better than something costing barely anything but feeling beautiful and lasting a while. Alike the shirt and skirt above! They were both under £30 but are long standing keepers.

Seven: Do I have things that go well with this or can I style this unusually?

What is most important to you when it comes to personal style?

Thank you as ever for reading.

Amy x

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