The Future and fashion.

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It is brilliant to start having a plan about where you want to be in a few years time, to know what inspires, drives you and pushes you. The place where I believe mine fully started was at university. I have previously worked in personal styling, loved to mix together fashion articles into a collage, and there have been many a times where I have been excited over saving for a pair of heels. I have always admired the fashion industry, the intricacy of a garment and the way you can feel when you wear something that reflects you.

The fashion industry is where I feel most comfortable, the whirl-wind days that change consistently, the unravelling of new stock, the joy of giving someone their dream outfit... It is something that has always been an inspiring process for me.

After the completion of my first year of university, I have come to realise that the psychological side of purchasing and fashion, trend prediction and our needs and wants in regard to fashion are a route that I want to investigate.

Purchasing and working with fashion brands, testing new fashion styles, social media and modelling have all opened my eyes to a world of possibilities in the fashion industry. 

Connection, sharing your style and discovering brands that offer something innovative is all exciting. It helps you understand what we need from fashion as a society, what makes us feel individual and fashion's relationship with the environment. Whether that be companies using different materials, our consumption and waste.

Studying, reading, pinning and following have all helped me acquire more of an insight into the fashion industry. I have learnt so much and I have also started to understand where I want to make my mark in the industry.

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