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This blog has been carefully curated by the blogger Amy Marshment, in hope to create an innovative, original and creative space.

I originally grew up in Leeds and moved to Worcestershire in 2008. This is when I started my career in Sales and content creation after a lengthy time in education acquiring multiple A-levels and qualifications. This includes Classical Civilisation to Media Studies.

I currently live with my boyfriend of over three years, Dan and his parents in Worcestershire.

I enjoy personal styling, from French to Spanish influences in my daily wardrobe, to simple minimalistic basics. I hope to further my career in the ever-changing fashion sector too. I will be studying Fashion Business and Promotion at university in September 2018.

Please don't hesitate to send in any questions or comment down below. I want this platform to be as communicative and engaging as possible, and a place where people can discuss their ideas freely.

Please contact via Twitter/Instagram @amymarshment
Or email: amysways@outlook.com


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